Treasures on Display

Posted by Mary Nyffeler on Jun 17th 2022

Treasures on Display

As many of my regular customers know, the Nyffeler house has been undergoing a really messy kitchen, office, laundry and bathroom(s) renovation for the past 8 months. All-in-all, it has basically been a nightmare, but we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  And now I am starting in on the FUN part - accessorizing our new space! I’ve been unpacking, dusting off, and displaying the beloved items that have been packed away all these months. These were all of my favorite things—the ones that "made the cut" during the big purge before the construction crews came last year. The process has reminded me of a lesson I learned years ago: we must pay attention to detail in design. Have you ever tried to display your collection on a mantel, shelf, or tabletop but just couldn’t get the design to work? Consider this design advise: organize like kinds, like colors and like styles together, and then add touches of green to bring it all to life.

1) Group like-kinds together:   

First, I will advise that if you have is 3 or more like-items your should consider displaying them in a grouping as a collection. It is much more pleasing and impactive to bring related items together in one smaller area, rather than spreading them here and there around the room. For instance, I recently inherited a little “collection” of three crystal glass bells that had been my late mother’s. Had I spread them my living room, one here and one there, they would have just amounted to a cluttered look. Instead, I grouped them together and gave them a place of honor on my fireplace mantel, where I’ll can see them catch and reflect the light and I think of her each time I walk past. Whether you have a treasured collection of antique bells, pottery, or duck decoys, begin by grouping them together in a place of honor.

2) Group like-styles (shapes and colors) together: 

Group collectibles or decorative pieces together by kind, and then by or style. For example, I also happened to have a small collection of brass school bells. While these are also antique bells, they would not be best displayed with the crystal bells on my mantel. The photograph I'm showing is one I took on vacation featuring one elaborate wall of Swarovski Crystal store.  It shows a varied assortment of crystals on display, being effectively grouped together using one kind of item and all in one color pallet (green). Would I be this brave in my own home? No, but this display does illustrate the effectiveness of grouping by style and color.

3) Add the icing:

As I always say, I like to finish off my rooms with tasteful touches of real or artificial greenery. I usually find that a room or display without plants or greenery lacks warmth and cohesiveness. Just a simple plant, bloom, or stem can do wonders to bring your room to life. Shop our online store Treasures Boutique to see a few of the beautiful artificial florals we have in store.

That’s it! Once again, I hope that my tidbits of design advice might help you in displaying your favorite treasures in your home.  I hope you’ll unpack, dust-off, and artfully display your beloved pieces in a way that brings you joy. for more design ideas on living with your collections, check out this related article on How to Display a Collection. And remember that the devil is in the details.