Summer Travel Tips

Posted by Mary Nyffeler on May 21st 2022

Summer Travel Tips

As I’m writing this in the last week of May, I think we can safely say that summer is finally on the way! If you’re like a lot of us, you may be looking forward to doing a bit travel in the weeks to come. As for me, I will be taking two business trips to merchandise markets for my downtown and online Treasures Boutique stores this summer, one to a Home Décor & Gift market and one to an Apparel market, and plan to just take one carry-on bag on each trip. This will take some pre-planning. But whether you’ll be taking the family for a camping trip, an adventure in Disney Land, or just a business trip like mine, a bit of forethought is sure to make your travel more enjoyable. To help, I’ve put together some thoughts on travel that I’ve picked up along the way, and I hope you'll pick up a few tips that you can use.

1) Pack like a Pro

Try making a packing list several days in advance to be sure your bases are covered, jotting down essential items when they occur to you, but being careful not to over-pack. (‘Think small sized and light-weight.) Remember to include things like hand sanitizer, Ibuprofen & medications, chargers, band-aids, sunscreen, sunglasses, & travel sized umbrellas and sundries. Shop for a travel sized purse and wallet, bringing only the credit cards and necessities you’ll actually need on your trip. I even go as for as down-sizing my key-ring, taking just my car key fob. Bring a bit of cash in small bills, for tipping or snacks. If you will be doing some area shopping, walking or hiking, consider a light-weight backpack, (the type that can be folded flat in a suitcase), to keep things like sunscreen, water bottles, snacks, and umbrellas handy. 

2) Be prepared

Remember to share your travel itinerary and maybe a house key with an emergency contact back home. Pack ID’s, insurance cards, vaccine cards, or whatever travel documents you might need. Save photos of your documents and credit cards onto your phone, just in case of loss. Save time later by downloading appropriate maps, addresses, phone numbers and area travel apps. When I go to bigger cities, I like to make sure that both Uber and Lyft have my current credit card information and that I have their most current apps downloaded to my phone. If embarking on a sight-seeing trip, enable the location services setting for the camera on your phone, so that your photos will be marked not only with the date, but also with the place where the picture was taken.

3) Dress for the weather

Check the weather forecast for your destination and remember to dress in layers, and bring different types of footwear to be prepared for any type of weather or terrain. To keep packing light, choose one or two jackets, sweaters, and pants that will go with several outfits, and just a couple of different pairs of comfortable and cute shoes that will work with various outfits. I keep like to keep my outfits, jewelry and accessories all in one or two color pallets (you guessed it!—black & white!) to help keep packing light. And of course, choose outfits that are comfortable and wrinkle resistant, like the Mono-B active ware separates from Treasures.

That’s it! I hope you’ve picked up some tips that will help keep your ducks in a row and your packing light. Visit us at Treasures Boutique for travel apparel and accessories before your trip and “happy travels!”

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