How to decorate your best Christmas tree yet!

Posted by Mary Nyffeler on Nov 13th 2021

How to decorate your best Christmas tree yet!

Topping the list of special holiday memories has got to be decorating the Christmas tree! Jingle bells on the stereo, cocoa (or cabernet, we don’t judge) in hand, siblings laughing (or bickering but again, we don’t judge), it all creates the quintessential holiday scene. This year, we’re here to help you craft your most stunning tree ever with some killer pro tips we use!

Choose a cohesive Theme and Color scheme

Determining a feel and color story is the first step. Do you want Winter ski lodge theme in natural browns and Christmas red? It goes without saying that you will leave OFF the Barbie and Superhero ornaments, but how about adding a genuine pair of antique snow shoes and using some antique skis and ski poles at the top? You could use some beautiful bronze pinecone ornaments or picks, bird nests, ice skates, and some rich red seasonal berry picks. Think outside the box! Then, we recommend carrying this same scheme, berry and evergreen picks, and woodsy feel across the room as you go. Remember the end tables, coffee table, mantel, and windowsills. To recap, use just 1 main theme and possibly 2-3 main colors on your tree. This makes it easily to tie a beautifully decorated tree, as well as a whole room, together.  (If you're looking for more tips on whole-house decorating- check out our guide here!)

Select seasonal greenery and picks

Our secret ingredient for the most striking of trees is the generous use of floral picks, branches, and stems of different looks and textures in the tree. This will fill out your tree and pull of your color scheme!  Yes, we know the tree is already green. But if you really want that “wow” factor, accenting with the right floral stems into your tree is the key. We feel that the careful addition of seasonal picks and stems is even more important than those beautiful tree ornaments! *gasp*

Remember the Tree Top

We all know that something special belongs at the top. This year, why not try your hand at something more impactful and unique? We like to use a riot of florals bursting out of the top of our trees, using very few ornaments near the upper portion and lots of wonderful floral stems instead. (This is where your ski poles tied with a big bow might come into play on your ski lodge themed tree.) Thinking outside the norm is fun, and brings in a whole new element of whimsy!

Treasures Top Tips in a Nut(cracker) Shell:

- Use just one main theme and possibly 2-3 main colors on your tree. It provides dimension and contrast while still making it easy to tie the tree and and room together.

- Sometimes a stunning tree design is more about what you leave OUT than what you include. For example, use your collection of red OR pink ornaments, but maybe not both. Tasteful editing can make the difference between elegant and wildly chaotic.

- Carry the theme and color scheme around the room. We cannot stress this enough. This is what ties all your hard work together. You don’t actually have to use every Christmas decoration you own in the same room. Put those that don’t compliment your theme back for next year or use them in another part of the home.

- Don’t underestimate “the power of the pick.” Add touches of seasonal florals to the tree and around the house and see the transformation.

We’d LOVE to see what you come up with! Post a photo of your tree, and all the rest, on our @columbustreasures Facebook page to show off your Christmas creations. Happy Decorating!