Bringing Balance Back

Posted by Mary Nyffeler on Jun 24th 2021

Bringing Balance Back

Last weekend I had 1001 things to do. I was stressed, overwhelmed, and running all over but getting nowhere. I could have started tackling each item on my to-do list, in hopes of making some headway, but instead I bought some flowers. That day, I got my hands dirty, did some physical labor, and planted some beauty in my space. And you know what? It felt amazing. I came away with the same list of 1001 things, but suddenly I felt more centered, less frazzled, and better able to tame the beast.

Lately we (the Treasures girls and I) have recognized this need in ourselves to hit the reset button. We’ve been out of sorts, off-kilter, restless. The last 18 months have been a whirlwind of uncertainty and discomfort, to say the least. But now we’re ready to get our balance back. It’s time to start feeling like ourselves again. We’re no experts by any means, but here are a few ideas that have either worked for us personally, or that research shows over and over again is a healthy way to create balance in our lives:

1. Set and maintain priorities and boundaries.

a. Say yes to the right things.  These are things that you either value or enjoy. They don’t make you feel guilty or obligated, nor do you regret saying yes to them later (a different kind of buyer’s remorse).

b. Say no (without guilt!) to the wrong ones.  These are things that add stress, conflict with your priorities, or you just plain don’t want to do. By the way, “no” is a complete sentence.

c. Gently but firmly require others to respect your boundaries.  Most people will honor your answers, but some may push back, especially if it’s unexpected. It’s perfectly okay to say no and mean it. Conversely, if you say yes to something, it’s important to mean that, too.

2. Treat your body with respect.

a. Exercise regularly.  Take a walk, go for a swim, do some yoga! Move your body in a way that brings you joy. Exercise doesn’t have to be miserable!

b. Eat well.  This doesn’t have to mean restriction. Eating well can be as simple as including a few more fruits and veggies, some whole grains, or clean protein.

c. Get quality rest.  Set a regular bedtime. Remember what we said about respecting boundaries and priorities? Respect your own by consistently going to bed at the same time. It will work wonders for your sleep routine.

3. Brighten your space.

a. Include some greenery.  If you don’t have live plants or greenery in a room, it doesn’t feel homey. It can change the whole mood of a room to have something fresh and vibrant.

b. Try battery candles.  If your home isn’t making you feel good, try adding some timed battery candles that turn on to welcome you home from work at 6pm and turn off at 10pm reminding you to go to bed on time!

c. Lighting.  Literally brighten a dim room or dark corner with a new lamp. Even a small amount of additional light can lift your spirits and change the dynamics of a room. Plus, they’re pretty!

Bonus: Soothe your olfactory senses with some essential oils or lavender scented candles!

So there you have it. This is just our two cents on the matter. Bringing balance back is a deeply personal journey, and there are hundreds of ways to go about achieving it. These ideas have worked for each of us in different ways, and we hope they serve you as well! We’d love to hear some of your favorite ways to re-center as well. Come by the store, take a look around, and let us know what helps you reset.