Posted by Mary Nyffler on Mar 9th 2021

Defining Spring at Treasures Boutique

A definition for SPRING is: “the season after winter and before summer, in which vegetation begins to appear…” By that (and any other!) definition, Spring is definitely here at Treasures Boutique in Downtown Columbus, NE. Our staff truly loves the change of seasons, and especially that leap into Spring!

Bringing a little bit of outdoor vegetation into our home this time of year gives us a much-needed lift, even before we can start spending a lot of time outdoors. A simple artificial nest, greenery orb, or colorful vase arrangement can do so much to brighten your day and your home décor. Let me see if I can tell you a little about my new “vegetation” in a way that will entice you to pop in to the store for a blast of Spring…

We have so, so many options of silk GREENERY for Spring 2021. With blue-green, shamrock-green, and yellow-green orbs, grasses, bushes, branches, stems, accent rings, there is something for everyone. And everyone loves green this time of year!

We also have BLOOMS in almost every yummy shade imaginable.My “real touch” tulips in various colors are always a favorite. And, we have wonderful little purple grape hyacinth, raspberry hydrangea, and various colorful berry stems. You'll see that I lean towards white blooms above all other shades, and you'll find lots of white choices, including tiny white lily of the Valley bundles and big beautiful white magnolias in various shapes and sizes.

Yes, we have loads of Spring silks florals in store for you. You might even want to bring your own vase, lantern or tray for our help in bringing the outside into your home this season. And you’ll definitely want to hurry in to check out our Spring pillows, wall art, and bunnies while they last! In closing, I’d like to share this quote that made me smile. I’m sure even my farmer husband would agree with this one:

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”– Margaret Atwood