Decorating for winter post-Christmas!

Posted by Mary Nyffeler on Dec 11th 2021

Decorating for winter post-Christmas!

The holiday season is full of light and laughter and whimsy. Now that the Christmas packages are unwrapped and the New Year is rung in, does anyone else face the melancholy of taking down all your lovely Christmas décor? We may have to pack up the Nativity set and ornaments, but we are not bereft of beauty! It’s time to decorate for winter, so let’s do it justice!

Take the Christmas décor down but leave the natural greenery.

We’ve said it before- greenery and plants breathe life into any space. They have a calming effect on us. If your tree isn’t dropping needles, leave it up! Put away the ornaments and angels, but leave the pine, picks, and branches!

Keep the winter color scheme going.

Winter has its own beauty and color scheme, and it’s not all gray, despite what February may tell us. Sparkly blues, and whites, blue and white winter berries, spruce branches and pinecones are still gorgeous choices! Leave them up until Spring rolls around!

Send Santa home.

If Santa played a prominent role in your Christmas theme this year, it’s time to send him home. His space doesn’t have to remain empty! Trade him out for jolly snowmen or winter birds. Cardinals make a great substitute!

Wintertime heroes.

Ice branches and snowy and natural green pines will work anywhere. Keep your home cozy and bright with lights and battery candles. Change out your candle rings from Christmas red to natural evergreen, and you’re all set!

As always, make sure you include the three keys to success in your tablescapes, inside your lanterns, on your mantel, atop your counters, or on display shelves. We use the mnemonic “TEC” to remind us to consider these basic design elements:

1. Texture – winter florals are perfect for this. Soften the look with evergreen florals, or add interest with icy branches.

2. Elevation – choose items of varying heights, or bring out your candlesticks to elevate some of your snowmen or winter birds to different levels for interest

3. Color scheme/theme – will it be white snowmen OR fat red birds? Keep a limited COLOR SCHEME or theme, and your design “scale” in mind. (Ex: Are your birds bigger than your snowmen? Use each in separate display areas.)

We’re here to help! Come into the store with photos of your space and we can give you some ideas! We’d love to see what you come up with. Post some photos of your winter wonderland to our @columbustreasures Facebook page!