April Blog: how to indulge in RETAIL THERAPY with no regrets.

Posted by Mary Nyffeler on Apr 9th 2021

April Blog: how to indulge in RETAIL THERAPY with no regrets.

According to a news piece that I watched on tv this morning, we have become a nation of over-spending impulse shoppers. The journalist said that consumers in the last 12 months, for obvious reasons, have been clicking away online and buying out of control to satisfy a craving.  And that this trend has led shoppers to suffer from high credit card debt and chronic buyer's remorse.

While that may be true of consumers over-all, I would like to think that shoppers to our website, and to Treasures Boutique in Downtown Columbus, Nebraska, do not fall into that trap.  Aside from our generous return policy, we try to insure this "No Regrets" shopping experience by stocking the website and store with more practical must-haves. I look for reasonably priced merchandise with what I like to call "design-longevity".

And, don't get me wrong, I do think we all  need a little retail therapy from time to time. (My husband, Brent, says that I'm a skilled "Retail Therapist", and I have to agree!). My goal is that my shoppers will find a pleasant, attractive, and friendly place to indulge their shopping cravings.  But instead of finding the soon-to-be-regretted retail design trends, they find merchandise that provides three things: quality, versatility, and longevity.  I've always tried to keep those three things in mind when I merchandise my store.  

Whether you're shopping for yourself, or for a gift, you're safe indulging with us. Shop Treasures Boutique for accents to dress up the home, or for accessories such as jewelry, purses, or apparel to dress up a wardrobe - without buyer's remorse. I believe that offering customer satisfaction is how I've stayed in business for almost 20 years now. And, it's how we've come to be known as a top retail destination in the area. Since 2002, I've guaranteed satisfying retail therapy, with no regrets.