5 Ways to Use the Little Red Vase

Posted by Mary Nyffeler on Oct 15th 2021

5 Ways to Use the Little Red Vase

Are these red ceramic vases the little black dress of home décor? These little numbers can be used to dress up a centerpiece or dress down a mantle. It can add a pop of color and punchiness to your desk, windowsill, shelf or in an otherwise uninspired space. So, if you’re looking for a workhorse item that is lovely in any location, this just might be it.

Here are 5 (there are more) ways you can use this piece to its fullest potential:

1. On a small end table or side table

Add a sprig of seasonal florals to lend a punch of color to your end table!

2. On a mantle

Mantles are a perfect opportunity to showcase style. Craft a beautiful focal point above the fireplace by inserting these vases at irregular intervals to keep the eye moving.

3. As a bookend

Bookshelves aren’t just for stacks of books and magazines. Create interest by stacking books both vertically and horizontally and adding eye-catching items as bookends as well. These red vases are a phenomenal way to break up the visual monotony of book spines!

4. Fall or Winter vignettes

Red is the cornerstone color of fall (sorry, not sorry, orange). Use it with forest greens, woodsy textures, and if you so desire, a burnt orange or two. White winter scenes benefit from pops of red (looking at you, winter berries), and these vases are no exception. On a background of sparkly white, reflected in a tall mirror, these are especially striking.

5. Anywhere you need to add a variety of heights

One of the cardinal rules of decorating is to use varied heights. Since these vases come in 3 different (but small) sizes. Interspersing these on any shelf or table will take your style to new levels.

So there you have it, our take on how to style a little red ceramic vase. We’d love to see where yours live! Share a photo with us on Facebook!