5 Quick Home Décor Wins

Posted by Mary Nyffeler on Aug 23rd 2021

5 Quick Home Décor Wins

We’ve all spent more time at home the last 18 months (thanks, COVID). The more time we spend within those walls, the more we want to create a space that brings us life and joy. Sprucing up our surroundings can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are a few home décor quick wins you can use to quickly make a refreshing change:

Battery Candles

Flameless battery candles add warmth and light to any space. They can be timed to turn on when you come home from work (or out of your home office). Even better, they can turn themselves off to remind you to head to bed on time (8 hours, please).

Unique Antique Finds

Well placed antique pieces add charm and interest to any space. Check out a few of our favorites here!

Craftsman Lantern

Lanterns can stand alone as a focal point, or be a home to one of our flameless candles. Great on porches and patios, mantles or in a tablescape, lanterns are a fun way to add elevation and catch your eye.

Dainty Succulents

Every room deserves to have something green in it. Flowers and greenery breathe life, and succulents are a low maintenance way to invite freshness.


Looking to add light and dimension? Floor mirrors are a phenomenal way to increase the visual depth of any room, without taking up an exceptional amount of space.

We hope these tips help you craft a home you love. If you’re looking for more ideas, come visit us at the store so we can give you customized recommendations!