4 Unique Antique Pieces to Add Charm to Any Home

Posted by Mary Nyffeler on Aug 16th 2021

4 Unique Antique Pieces to Add Charm to Any Home

Adding a sense of charm to your home can be an elusive task. How do we infuse our rooms with beauty, style, and personality while avoiding a stuffy, crowded and outdated feeling? We will always recommend great lighting and greenery, no matter the room, no matter the size. But beyond that, it may be time to consider the unique character that a few well-placed quality antique pieces can infuse. Here are a few of our current favorites:

Antique Princess Dresser With Mirror

Use this piece in an entryway, living room, or bedroom, or bath. The mirror provides depth and light, while the drawers are a great storage space for gloves, throw blankets or hand towels. Gentle curves in the wood soften the edges to make it an interesting focal point while adding a bit of charm.

Antique Work Bench with Drawer

This primitive antique pine work bench is beautifully refinished. It can be used as a tv stand or console table, or simply to fill a big blank wall. Either way, the warm wood tones and smooth finish it provides a rustic charm to any space.

Antique Dental Cabinet

This unusual oak dental cabinet is such a wonderful piece! Choosing antiques with ornate scrollwork, drawer pulls or hinges that stand out is a phenomenal way to stand out. This rare gem even has a secret drawer mechanism to keep your jewelry, papers, or valuable safe!

Antique Lingerie Chest

A very feminine (and small!) piece like this is as versatile as it is noteworthy. From guest rooms to closets to powder rooms, this rare and petite chest of drawers adds an attractive and charming element- and great storage – in any nook you might have.

Remember, in decorating you don’t have to adopt an “all or nothing” approach. Just because you have a modern working kitchen or living room with modern appliances, you can still use unusual antique accents as interesting décor pieces. That’s what makes your house look comfortable and inviting, rather than feel like a cold cookie cutter version of every other house in town. Additionally, a smart antique purchase brings more value than just the attractive effect they have on a room. You won’t regret an investment in an interesting antique accent piece that holds its value and makes your house a home.